In many cases, official documents produced in the U.S. are not valid in other countries until they have been authenticated by the U.S. Government, and then legalized by the consulate of the specific country. Document legalization is only necessary for countries that have not joined the Hague Convention.

Please follow the steps below to have Peninsula Visa assist with your document legalization:

  1. Have documents notarized by a licensed notary public.

  2. Take the document to your local courthouse and obtain notary certification. This notary certification confirms that the notary public that endorsed your document is authorized to do so in your state.

  3. Submit the document to your Secretary of State to obtain a certification of the county clerk's signature.

  4. Send the document to Peninsula Visa. (The document will be taken to the U.S. Department of State for approval. Once this approval is granted, the document will be taken to the appropriate consulate for official legalization).

  5. Please include a full copy of the documents (each embassy require an additional copy submitted).

  6. Government documents can go straight to the Department of State, they do not need state seals. Ask your Peninsula Visa agent for details.