China Business Visa

Valid for 10 years, multiple entry

How it Works

1. Gather documents listed below.

2. Ship documents and passport.

3. Receive your passport and visa.

Processing Times

Business (M) visas are now valid for 10 years, multiple entries.


Money Order

  Return FedEx Overnight Fees (?)

7 business days



4 business days




2 business days




Stop! Special Notes

Please make sure to read all requirements as China visa processing has changed.

Previous PRC, Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan Citizens
  • Only if your were born in either China, Taiwan or Hong Kong and do not have any China visas in your current US passport you must provide your original previous PRC, Taiwan or Hong Kong passport. If you've had a previous China visa in a past US passport you must supply the original passport with the expired visa in it.
  • If you do not have your previous passport you must appear in person.
  • If the name on your former passport is not the same as your current passport you must provide your legal name change document (court order or US Naturalization Certificate) and your former passport from China, Hong King, Macao or Taiwan.

Media Professionals
  • If you are a media professional or employed by a media company, you must submit a separate letter from your employer on company letterhead indicating that you will not be performing any media related work (i.e. performance, filming, journalism, etc).

Step 1: Gather Documents Below

Estimated time of burden is 45 minutes.

1. Completed Visa Application

  • *Handwritten applications are not acceptable*
  • Application must be typed and have a wet signature. 
  • Application cannot be printed double-sided.
  • All fields on the application must be answered. If a section does not apply you must type "n/a" or None. You cannot leave any field blank!
  • Local ID/Citizenship Number is your Driver's License number. 
  • China contact must match the one listed on your invitation letter.
  • Applicants born in China, Japan or Taiwan must enter their original name in section 1.2
  • In section 2.6 you must list the hotels where you will be staying in China.
  • You may need to install the Adobe Asian Font Pack (MAC | WIN) to view the application.
  • Please chat an agent to arrange for Same Day or 24 hour processing before sending documents.

2. One Passport Photo
  • You must include a 2x2in passport photo on a white background.
  • Must be taken within the past three months.
  • The photo must present your full face, front view, with eyes open.
  • No shadows can appear on the face or behind the head.
  • No glasses may be worn.

3. Valid US Passport
  • Your actual passport must be submitted.
  • Must be valid for six months past date of departure.
  • Must have at least one blank visa page, not counting the back three amendment pages.
  • If you need to update your passport click here.

4. Copy of Invitation Letter

  • The invitation letter should contain:
    • Applicant's full name, gender, date of birth
    • Details of visit including purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, relationship between the applicatn and inviter, and financial resources for expenses while in China.
    • Inviter's name contact number, address, official stamp and signature.
  • Please follow are template below exactly to avoid processing delays.

  • Please complete and include with your documents.

Step 2: FedEx Documents

  • Simply click the FedEx logo below and a shipping label will automatically be generated to use for sending your documents. Print the label and place your documents in a FedEx envelope. An additional fee of $35 will be applied to your order.

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